Thursday, June 07, 2007

Good news - Intrepid and Archangel #122 get TLC

Update from the Road Runners Internationale:

When the ship was moved in to the dry-dock slip last month the aircraft was moved amidships, adjacent to the island superstructure. This was necessary to balance the ship while the water was pumped out and the ship settled onto the blocks in the dry dock slip. The plane is hidden from the Intrepid web-cam which is mounted on the highest point of the ships antennae masts on the island. The camera alternates from two different views, one dead astern and one straight forward. This leaves the entire central 1/3rd of the flight deck obstructed from view. Article 122 is parked there for two reasons. It's the largest and heaviest aircraft on the deck, so the center is the best place for her. Secondly, she is partially shielded from the wind by the island superstructure.
Intrepid was re-floated just 2 days ago after getting her hull completely cleaned , repaired, and repainted. Her propellers were removed in order to avoid any future handling problems. The props caused us to be stuck in the mud in Manhattan which set our timetable back a complete month while we waited to be dug out. The ship was pulled from the dry-dock repair slip the last week of May and has been moved alongside the slip in Bayonne until she is ready to moved to her next temporary home on Staten Island. This will happen next Wednesday, June 6th. While there, the exhibits on the hangar deck will be reworked, more original ships spaces will be refurbished, and several of the aircraft will be repaired and repainted.
Article 122, which was repainted under USAF guidance in October 2005, will also be sporting fresh paint when we reopen to the public in November of 2008.

Eric Boehm, Intrepid Museum

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