Sunday, July 01, 2007

Archangel #122 to be a movie star - but don't worry!

I just got the July newsletter from the Roadrunners Internationale and there's something in there that all the readers of this blog as well as everyone who cares about this aircraft should know about - and it's good news!

Hollywood came calling to the USS Intrepid recently to film some scenes for a new movie involving Will Smith. The movie is called "I Am Legend" and features Will Smith as the last person on Earth. One of the scenes called for Will to hit golf balls off of the wing of an airplane on the Intrepid. They wanted to have Will hit the golf balls off of the wing of Archangel #122.

Intrepid wouldn't go for it!

To quote Eric Boehm from the Intrepid as published in the Roadrunners' newsletter:

This is bound to cause some controversy. There is a new movie staring Will Smith
coming out in December entitled “I am Legend”. Trailers for the movie may be found on already. (See link below) The movie has something to do with the end of society, as we know it and Will Smith is like the last guy alive on earth...or something silly like that. They filmed a lot of it in NYC and did a spot on the Intrepid flight deck. The writers had included a scene where Will Smith’s character is seen hitting golf balls of the wing of an airplane....what else would you do if you were the last guy on earth? Well, you guessed it, they wanted the A-12. We would not allow them to stand on top of any of the aircraft for this purpose, let alone article 122. We declined their request and referred them to the gang at Wright-Patt. They came to an agreement with the Air Force Museum whereby the aircraft could be filmed for the shot and the golf club swinging Will Smith would be added digitally. The trailer that is playing on right now shows this scene! Please let the Roadrunner community know that even though it looks like there is a guy knocking golf balls off the wing, it is just Hollywood magic at its computer enhanced finest.
Youtube link:

To save a bit of time, I'm embedding the trailer here:

Thanks again for clearing this up before it became a cause for concern Eric!