Thursday, October 06, 2005 has an Atom/XML Feed!

OK, for all the technically minded out there, does have an Atom/XML feed! Sorry for not informing everyone about this before, but I just realized it myself and I thought I'd share it ;-) If you have a Gmail account, you probably know about the web clips at the top of the page. Those web clips are from Atom/XML feeds. Just go to your settings tab, then web clips, and then add a custom clip. Just copy and paste the URL at the bottom of the page into the field in the form and tell it to save! Anyone with a gmail account can also customize their Google! homepage at and add thier own content in the same way as they would to a gmail account.

For those of you out there who'd like an application to subscribe to Atom/XML feeds, Atom Enabled has a great site full of different programs just for that. Just go to for more information.

The URL for's Atom/XML feed is:

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